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  • Paint Brush Holder (set of two)


    When you need to take a short break from painting there is always a question what to do with wet paint brush. Here is the solution: Paint Can Brush Holder can be easily attached on the top of open paint can (large or small) to keep brush conveniently above paint level to prevent spilling.
    Perfect Gift on all occasions

  • Portable Nail Station


    Portable Nail Station is a great solution for home manicure and pedicure.All your nails work, from French manicure to advanced nail art design, can be done much easier and more accurate saving you time and money on visiting nail salons.
    Perfect Gift on all occasions

  • Slip covers - refills for Manicure & Nail Station


    • Provides sanitary and comfortable support for the hands and feet.
    • Easy to replace.
    • Machine washable.