Bracelet Assistant, Manicure & Pedicure at home

Bracelet Assistant will help you to secure any bracelets on your wrist by yourself easy in seconds.

Rada Pro self-adjusting Manicure Hand Rest and Portable Nail Station is a great solution for all your Manicure and Pedicure needs.

Self-adjusting Manicure Hand Rest

Great product for professional manicurist and for people loving to do nail work at home. Comes in three colors: pistachio, purple and beige.


Bracelet Assistant

If you need to put bracelet on, our Bracelet Assistant is the perfect solution - like having an extra hand. It helps me to put my bracelets on in seconds and so it will help you. You don’t need any more to ask somebody for help. Bracelets are tricky pieces of jewelry, since you can use only one hand to deal with many different types of clasps, fastenings and ties. However all these can be managed with our hand bracelet aid – Bracelet Assistant. Also it is a great jewelry box gift. You can store your jewelry for traveling.


Portable Nail Station

Portable Nail Station is a great solution for home manicure and pedicure.All your nails work, from French manicure to advanced nail art design, can be done much easier and more accurate saving you time and money on visiting nail salons.
Perfect Gift on all occasions